Preventive Treadmill Maintenance Service

Treadmill maintenance under the hood

MAINTENANCE is very important keeping in fitness equipment operating properly. Onsite Service technicians inspect and run diagnostics tests. Technicians also re-calibrate electrical components, lubricate mechanical parts, properly adjust belts and clean electrical components from dangerous particles that may cause damage during use.

Preventive treadmill maintenance not only helps your unit longevity it helps discover a potentially costly problem before the damage is done.

How does maintenance help?

Maintenance is very important towards reducing the friction during equipment use. Dry parts cause extra wear and drag against these components. Once these components are no longer moving freely parts begin to fail over time. If problems go unattended more parts will begin to fail or begin to damage other parts. Lack of general maintenance creates a chain reaction and costly repairs.

Everything under the hood is cleaned. Onsite techs stock an ozone safe, evaporating cleaner to wash all debris and gunk from electrical components into our shop towels. Many motor noise issues and burning odors are resolved with a motor cleaning.

How often should I schedule treadmill maintenance?

With regular light use a treadmill and other mechanical fitness equipment should be serviced yearly. Heavy equipment use we recommend maintenance every 6 months. In many gyms dust and debris build up in the electrical components from wear and tear. These build up debris vacuum into the drive motors, one of the most expensive components on your treadmill. This causes motor failure and possibly overheating the control board.

Debris filled the motor with black gunk.

What to watch for?

A treadmill should never be placed near a furnace or dryer unit. Avoid areas with cold, moist temperatures where condensation can form especially during the winter months.

TREADMILL, check the surface of the deck and the under side of the walking belt for lubrication.

Listen for squealing, grinding, rumbling noises and odors from your fitness equipment.

Treadmill noises from a bad drive belt